How many of us would like to connect with over Over 80% of the population in the US?
Or maybe reach over 3.5 Billion people with your messaging?
That’s how many people are connected to the Internet today.
In 2016 69% of consumer internet traffic will be dedicated to video, and in 2017 that percentage jumps to 79%
(Up 22% in two years.)
Video  is powerful – with the power to bring stories alive and create genuine emotional connections between the viewer and the brand.
Video has become an integral part of marketing and communications platforms as companies recognize that video has influence and impact that text and images alone can’t deliver.
In marketing, video builds brand awareness, generates audience engagement, creates the “know, like, and trust factor,” and converts prospects to loyal clients.

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Are you new to being on camera?  Not to worry – not everyone is born with TV savvy. Even if you are not destined to become “an overnight success” on television, here s a crash course in how to appear professional on television or video.

Whether you are a salesperson, business owner, speaker or even a CEO, you will benefit from the following information. Remember, you will need to be prepared physically, mentally, and technologically. You should know how to turn on your audience before you turn on the camera. Read more