Videos can mean different things to different people. But one thing is for sure – people love to watch and share them. YouTube was the beginning of a major change in the way we interact and share online content and video, and later video on Facebook proved the popularity of video on social media.


Many experts agree that in the future 75% of Internet traffic will involve video. YouTube averages around 4 billion views each day. Many marketers are exploring this as a great opportunity and are using online video content in their marketing programs. Today this drive towards video isn’t only limited to consumer products or purchasing decisions but has involved almost every industry – including entertainment, non-profit or news. With the tremendous enhancement in social media platforms, the importance of video has grown rapidly. And here are a couple more fun facts: Read more

Are you new to being on camera? Not to worry – not everyone is born with TV savvy. Even if you are not destined to become “an overnight success” on television, here s a crash course in how to appear professional on television or video.

Whether you are a salesperson, business owner, speaker or even a CEO, you will benefit from the following information. Remember, you will need to be prepared physically, mentally, and technologically. You should know how to turn on your audience before you turn on the camera. Read more

We’re happy to introduce our new website and welcome you to our blog – where we will be reviewing and discussing the latest trends for video production in and around San Diego and the region.

In the meantime, we wanted to share some important facts about web video – Read more